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Post  Aren Morningstar on 27/11/11, 01:26 am

Name: Aren Morningstar

Race: Anorii

Home world: Anoth

Age: 26

Appearance: Aren is 6 ft 2in and weighs 200lbs. He has an athletically muscular build with ice blue eyes and dark brown hair that goes just below the ears. Aren wears black dark jedi robes, the torso layer is made of spider silk and resistant to light blaster fire. Wearing black forearm bracers/gloves and black boots, Aren relies mostly on his speed and skill with a lightsaber then on armor. Aren's right arm from the elbow down is cybernetic. ( Looks like Anakin from Clone Wars Series)

Weapons: Aren carries a dual phase lightsaber powered by permafrost, lignan, phond crystals making the blade ice blue in color and extremely powerful. Aren uses the Lignan crystal from his Master's lightsaber in his own.

Force Sensitive: Yes

Force Powers:

Mastered: Force Body, Force Deflection, Telekinesis

Skilled: Force Speed, Force Leap, Force Push, Force Crush, Force Stealth, Shatterpoint


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