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Post  Jayden Fey on 21/11/11, 07:48 pm

Jayden Fey wrote:210 ABY - is the current time in the Ultimate Universe. Below is a outline of how the galaxy became what it is.

147-165 ABY - Era of peace.

166 ABY - The Empire becomes fed up with politics of the Galactic Alliance/Republic and breaks off all relations. Mandalorians become isolated cutting off all outside ties.

168 ABY - Following the Mandos lead the Chiss Ascendancy becomes isolated cutting off all outside ties.

174 ABY - The Empire and Galactic Alliance/Republic officially go to war. Mandalorians and Chiss Ascendancy declared neutrality.

182 ABY - Empire makes a push through the Galactic Alliance/Republic lines and sacks Mandalore as punishment for not joining their side.

191 ABY - While still refusing to take sides a Mandalorian commando squad sneaks onto to Yavin IV and destroys the Sith Academy there. The captured are exchanged in place for Empire granted Mandalorians their current borders.

194 ABY - Mandalorians become more inward, little relations to Empire yet strikes a trade treaty with the Chiss Ascendancy.

196 ABY - Current borders are formed.

198 ABY - Weak treaty formed creating Galactic Cold War.

209 ABY - Treaty broken when Empire makes push to take Ossus.

210 ABY - (Current Time) Ultimate War begins.

210 ABY - in detail. . .

Mandalorians: Jaccien Ordo becomes Mandalore. Forces are increased and war is delcared upon Empire.

GA:Jayden Fey enters 4th year of being Chief of State for GA.

Imperials: finish making of the Glorious Sidious {Galaxy Gun} altough, it can at exspense of cripples imperial economy and caused Empire to loose many battles do to lack of resources.

Hapans: Allaince made with GA, anger Empire.
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