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Name: Jaryk Ordo "Mand'alore the Redeemer"
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Force Sensitive: No

Jaryks armor was very technologically advanced seeing as he was one of Jacciens head Commandos before the fall of Mandalore, it was white and black with every update and upgrade you could possible fit into a suit of Beskar'gam, amazingly it was still very light and maneuverable.
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Underneath his armor Jaryk was very athletically built with brown hair, standing at 6'.

Bio: Jaryk was born around the same time as the previous Mand'alore Jaccien and fought together in many a war. Jaccien was more of a politician but some say Jaryk was better in combat, maybe this is what the Mandalorians needed.

Jaryk travelled the Galaxy for many years with vigilantes and smugglers working against the Empire, so he is a very skilled 'criminal' as well.

Soon after his travels Jaryk joined the Mandalorian Protectors:
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He quickly rose through the ranks proving to his superiors he was a worthy soldier and leader. So eventually Jaccien gave him a prestigious rank of Military Director or the Mandalorians.

Mandalorian Wookiee- Gaar'urra

Gaar'urra is a Wookiee that was saved by Jaccien on the planet of Trandoshia. Gaar'urra indebted himself to Jaccien, and so Jaccien trained him how to be a Mandalorian. This wookiee fulfills all Mandalorian tenants, except speaking the language which he physically incapable of doing.
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