EU Reboot?

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EU Reboot?

Post  Jayden Fey on 04/12/11, 05:20 pm

I was going through out Star Wars forums and shockingly found this. . .

Interview with LucasBooks new senior editor Jennifer Heddle:


Will LucasBooks and Del Rey continue to plan nine-book series, or are you moving away fromlonger story arcs in favor of standalones, duologies, and trilogies?

I think it’s safe to say that for the immediate future we’re going to take a break from long series in order to give the audience a chance to breathe, as it were. But I can’t say there will never be a longer series again. As Yoda says, always in motion is the future.

What are your thoughts on a partial or full “reboot” of the EU?

Personally? I think that if DC and Marvel can do it, then so can we. And I like alternate history stories.But that’s something that ultimately is not my decision.

Can you share a piece of advice that your predecessor Sue Rostoni gave you?

I’m sorry to say I’ve never talked to Sue!

Personally I found this shocking and had no idea this was going about. I mean it might be nice to read a new way of things being yet I was kinda hopping the stories would just keep going. I mean Luke can die and other Jedi can take the stage, a reboot seems just needed to me. Thoughts?
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