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Name: Sorath Blackheart
Species: Echani
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Force Sensitive: Yes

Black Blade
Sorath                    Sephiroth7-1-1

Sorath                    FlamingSephiroth

Sorath is the leader of a secret organization that aims to do nothing more than destroy the galaxies governments. His organization has taken part in many recent historical events in order to slowly manipulate the galaxy into fulfilling their plans.

Sorath                    SephirothsSword-1

Sorath                    SephirothFightingStance
Sorath's fighting style is a combination of Ataru, Juyo and Shien/Djem Sho. He is also a master of the Echani martial arts and has experience with many styles of weapons but has mastered the use of his 6ft long katana.

Shadow's Hand
Sorath                    Executor-ClassStarDreadnaught
An all black Executor=Class Star Dreadnaught modified to evade most forms of detection even its own cloaking device.

Order of Shadows

The Order of Shadows is a secret organization that was originally formed by Sorath to accomplish his goal to take over the galaxy. The order is known to few people but its agents are everywhere living what would appear to be ordinary lives like everyone else around them. Secretly they will manipulate the governments into destroying themselves and then when all seems lost the Order of Shadows shall come out a finally strike them all down.

Shadow Agents
Sorath                    FutureNinja-1

Sorath                    Vibrokatana

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