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Official Title: Jedi Master Thrakk Valinor

Age: 147

Species: Anorii

Appearance: Thrakk is 6"2' and weighs 210 lbs. He has the body of a warrior being athletically toned and in perfect shape. His skin is pale white and his upper torso is covered in blue Anorri tribal tattoos. Thrakk's hair is white with blond ends and hangs a few inches past his shoulders. His eyes are Amber in color and his lips are dark blue almost black. Thrakks canines are pronounced as well.

Thrakk wears Anorri battles robes (see avatar)

Weapons: Thrakk carries a double bladed lightsaber that can be undone to make two separate lightsabers. His lightsaber is powered by Lignan, Phond and Qixoni crystals. The hilt is made of silver phrik and ebony durasteel, Anorii engravings spiral around it. The lightsaber blades are silver in color.

Mastered all 7 lightsaber forms

Force Powers :

Mastered: Force Body, Force Deflection, Battle Meditation, Shatterpoint, Telekinesis, Force Pull/Push/Speed, Force Flight

Skilled in almost all force techniques, Thrakk has had 100 yrs to learn and practice


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