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Post  Jarik Rimora on 27/11/11, 03:03 am

Name: Jarik Rimora

Age: 32

Appearance : Jarik is roughly 6'1" and weighs 180 lbs. He has ocean blue eyes and hazelnut colored hair. Facial features include a short but full faced beard. Jarik is athletically toned and wears simple tan jedi robes with modified armor on his arms and up to his knees. ( Obi Wan during Clone Wars)

Home World: Vestilva (Destroyed)

Force Sensitive: Yes

Mastered Skills: Force Heal, Force Body, Force Speed, Force Deflection, Telekinesis, Force Push/Pull, Shatterpoint, Battle Meditation

Skills: Able to use most force skills to some degree

Weapons : Jarik carries a dual phase lightsaber (modeled after Obi-Wans). Powered by Vestilvan Ocean crystals and lignan and phond crystals. The blade is deep blue color and very powerful. Hilt made with cortosis and black durasteel.


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Jarik Rimora
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