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Post  Drake Firestar on 25/11/11, 02:39 pm

Inside of a rather large asteroid lies a lab with many testing facilities made for all sorts of things. There are actually several asteroids used to make up this facility but the largest asteroid in this group is where all the main experiments take place.

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Post  James Cutter on 25/11/11, 03:18 pm

*Inside of the main asteroid which was name Installation 01 many experiments were going on which included upgrading the the Republic trooper armor, weapons development of new weapons or improving old ones and various things to improve trooper efficiency in battle such as implants or stimulants. Deep down in Installation 01 were the most top secret projects one of which included a project which was based on finding a way to repel a persons connection to the force. They had researched many ways of doing this even looked into disrupting their brain patterns through sonic devices or electrical shocks. One of the things they had also studied was the Ysalamir's ability to create a force neutral bubble and had looked into ways of recreating it through technology.

Many of their attempts to creating suck things had failed but they were slowly making progress. They so far had developed a sonic mine that should temporarily disrupt a force sensitive's connection to the force. Also there were some breakthroughs in electrical technology though most forms of t would cause dead and so they kept that on undergoing constant changes.
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