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Post  Drake Firestar on 21/11/11, 04:03 pm

Etti IV is the capitol of the Corporate Sector and also the home planet of the Etti. The planet was crossroad for many trade routes making it an important part of the Corporate Sector. It was also hospitable to many human and humanoid races making it a good place for Authority Administration. Etti IV was also the headquarters of Cybot Galactica one of the biggest droid manufacturing companies.
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Post  The Illusive Man on 23/11/11, 03:20 pm

The Illusive Man, Director of the Corporate Sector Authority since as long as anyone can remember, makes a public service announcement. It has been years since the public has seen their leader though they remain loyal either from respect or fear. He is their silent, ever vigilant, secretive and unseen protector and overseer...

From his office in the "Authority's Citadel" The Illusive Man speaks through his comm system.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, beings of the Corporate Sector it is with a heavy heart that I relay this message to you. The Galaxy as we know it is shifting. We have heard word that the Galactic Empire has constructed a Galaxy Gun and will soon be destroying an entire Mandalorian World. In this time of upheaval and uncertainty, we remain your defenders. We remain vigilant and swear to make your safety and your ventures our higest priority!"
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