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Official Name: Blaze Tempest
Quote: "A blaze only takes a second to start but the effects last a life time"
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Species: Human
Homeworld: Naboo
Occupation: Force user
Appearance: 6ft tall avarage size

Robotic left arm which can channel the force. It can also with stand lightsabre attacks.

Normally wears full robes.
Unless in battle armor.Bio: Blazes past is known to a few but it is never spoke of.

If you really need to know all the ins and outs ask me. IC or OOC
Weapons: Lightsabre purple
shotosabre orange

and some gadgets
Force Powers: 1) Force Crush (Specific: Aimed at the heart)
2) Force Stun
3) Force Lightening (Red in Color)
4) Sith Alchemy
5) Force Net
6) Force Maelstrom
7) Spear of Midnight Black
Cool Mind trick
9) Midichlorian Manipulation
10) Battle Meditation

Spaceship/Fleet: Firespray.


3x Storm-class Battlecarrier (Heavy, 3800m)
1x Razor-class Battleship (Heavy, 4,000m)
1x Spine-class Destroyer (Medium, 1,000m)
1x Bassell-class Patrol Destroyer (Light, 500m)
1x TIE Reaper
32x TIE EnforcerGround Forces: 100x Clone troopers
Blaze Tempest
Blaze Tempest

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