Sith Academy

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Sith Academy

Post  Drake Firestar on 08/11/11, 01:46 pm

The sith academy on Korriban has been a long standing structure on the planet. It is unknown when it was first made but it has seen many uses throughout history. Just as many times as it had been it used it had been abandoned just as many times but Korriban being a historic place for the sith they always came back to it. Though once during a time when the sith had left the academy the Jedi had come and removed most of the sith artifacts in an attempt to rid the galaxy of the sith lore. Due to this the archives were left with a bunch of old books and manuscripts.

Much like any other academy the sith academy on Korriban had many rooms in it made to fit their every need. There were rooms for the students and the headmaster, an archive for their history and other information to be stored and training rooms where students could practice their skills. Though unlike the Jedi academies the sith one had a torture room where they tortured their prisoners or students if needed.
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