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Name: Admiral James Cutter
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 45


James Cutter had been a long standing Admiral in the GA and has led his forces through many campaigns throughout the conflict. So far he has had his fair share of wins and losses but he still carries on not letting the Empire get to him in anyway.

He carries with him a DC-15s Side Arm Blaster Pistol


Cutter's own personal ship is an Imperious-Class Star Destroyer called Freedom.
-48 X-83 Twin Tail Starfighters

-14 BB-2 Starfire Fighter-Bomber

-6 Multi Altitude Assault Transport

3,000 Republic Troopers

4 Scythe-Class Main Battle Cruisers

-36 X-83 Twin Tail Starfighter

-4 Multi Altitude Assault Transport

or 4 VCX-820

-1,500 Republic Troopers

Captain Fen Tills


-30 X-83 Twin Tail Starfighters

-10 ETA-5 Interceptors

-10 BB-2 Starfire Fighter-Bombers

-10 Multi Altitude Assault Transport

1,600 Republic Troopers

General John Forge


The ship Forge personally travels on is an old Venator-Class Star Destroyer. He had made sure it had gone trough some major updates over the years but what he likes about it is how it was used as a multi-role ship. Capable of landing on a planet and carry a mass amount of troops and fighters he just had to have this ship. The one thing he continuously likes to point out to people is that you don't mess with the classics because most ships were based of of them.
-Ironfist(BT-7 Thunderclap)

His personal ship aboard the Endurance is a BT-7 Thunderclap modified to be able to compete with today's technology.

-96 XJ7 X-Wing Starfighters

-40 ETA-5 Interceptors

-24 BB-2 Starfire Fighter-Bombers

-24 BTL-S8 K-Wing Starfighter/Bombers

-4 RC-2 Twilight Scoutships

-4 Mu-Class Model 2 Shuttles

-10 LAAT/i Gunships

-10 Multi Altitude Assault Transport

-20 LAAT/c Gunships

-Variety of Shuttles

-Military Walkers

-1 Prefabricated Garrison Base

-2,000 Republic Troopers

1,000 Republic Spec Force Troopers(Comandos)

James Cutter
James Cutter

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