Hapes Cluster

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Hapes Cluster

Post  Janus Vhett on 05/11/11, 10:19 pm

"You should see what the queen mothers have built over the centuries: Their cities are beautiful, stately, serene. But it's not just the homes or factories, it's their people, their ideals."
―Leia Organa after first contact with the Hapes Consortium

The Hapes Cluster was a grouping of several hundred stars within the area of nebulous gases known as the Transitory Mists within the Inner Rim—an impediment to hyperspace navigation that had kept the stars of the cluster isolated from the rest of the galaxy from before 3,000 BBY. This region's high density of stars, nebulae and moons bathed its worlds—particularly Hapes itself—in bright light, which, over the centuries, caused the Hapans to lose most of their night vision.
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