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Post  Drake Firestar on 05/11/11, 07:28 pm

Here on Star Wars Ultimate we have a very non strict way for you to make profiles for your characters. We basically leave it completely open to you on what you would like to put in your character's profile but is normally preferred that you at least make one so that everyone could get a better understanding of your character. For this we have made a place where all profiles can be made and so when you wish to make one we ask that you please make your profile there and not in the OOC forum.

Profiles Forum

Now if some are at a loss as to what to put in your character's profile I will provide some examples to at least help get you started. Though if you have an idea as to how you would like your profile to look then by all means go with what you want to do. That or you could take a look at what some other people have done with their profiles.

First off when making a profile you must make a new topic in the profile forum and it is usually a good idea to put your character's name as the topic title. From there you can add just about anything really but here are some things you might want to consider.

Name: You could put your character's name even if its is obvious.
Species: The species of your character would be a nice thing to know

Gender: Are you a boy or a girl or some strange combination of both like a Hutt

Age: How old is your character?

Force Sensitive: Is your character a force user or not?

Appearance: You can describe what your character looks like or just put a bunch of pictures or maybe even do both.

Bio: You can give everyone an explanation of your characters past or what they are like maybe even their master plan to take over the galaxy

Force Powers: This is really only important for those characters that are force sensitive but you can list the force powers that your character knows just to give people an idea of what you can do.

Weapons or Equipment: You can show what your character likes to carry around with them or just what weapons they use.

Ships and Vehicles: Does your character own a fleet or just a single ship maybe neither but instead they have a swoop or a speeder of some kind or all of the above.

NPCs: Maybe you wish to add more characters to help out your main in their adventures.

Really you can add just about anything or just give several long paragraphs describing your character without the individual sections. All we ask is that you be reasonable when making your character's profile and not make them to overpowered. Other than that go wild and have fun making them and your are always able to go back and make changes to your profiles when ever you may need to.
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