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Post  Rhayth on 04/11/11, 08:57 pm

Name: Rhayth
Species: Echani
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Force Sensitive: Yes

Rhayth                 Kairi-1-1

Rhayth                 Kairi2-1

Rhayth                 JediTunic-1
Rhayth                 Bracers2-1
Rhayth                 Greaves-1
Unlike most Jedi Rhayth wears a sleeveless tunic with ultrachrome arm and leg guards where ever he goes. Most of his cloths is normally white except he wears a pair of brown boots and the usual brown robe that Jedi wear. Though normally when ever he fights he takes off both his robe and tunic to allow for greater movement but he can fight with them on since most times he never has to use his full power.

Working on it

Rhayth                 BlueLightsaber3-1
Rhayth carries a blue lightsaber around with him as a symbol of being a Jedi Guardian. This lighstaber is designed more as a defensive one because the blade is more focused on deflecting blaster bolts than cutting power.

Rhayth                 RhaythsLightsaber-1
This is Rhayth's true lightsaber the one that is designed as a part of himself. The blade is a silver color and the blade was made to be a very focused beam allowing for greater damage to be done when it makes contact with things.

Rhayth                 WhiteKatana-1
One of the weapons Rhayth has is an ultrachrome katana. This he doesn't carry with him all the time and normally just leaves it on his ship.

Rhayth                 Quarterstaff
Rhayth has a quarter staff that he also normally leaves on his ship.
Rhayth                 Double-BladedSword
Secretly inside of his quarterstaff is an ultrachrome double-bladed sword

Force Powers: Rhayth being an Echani had focused mostly on force powers that have to do with the mind and body. He constantly seeks to master both these things to try and become a better martial artist.
Force Speed
Force Body
Force Deflection
Force Burst
Force Valor
Force Jump
Force Barrier

Dragon Striker

Rhayth                 HWK-290LightFreighter-1
2 Heavy Blaster Cannons
2 Torpedo Launchers
-6 MG7-A Proton Torpedos
-6 Jedi Shadow Bombs
Military Grade Shields
Tracking Device Launcher (front of ship)


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