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Admiral Kayet - Admiral of MCF3 (Mando Containment Fleet Three) Sense he was a young teen Kayet worked in the imperial naval core. By the age of 20 he was a captain, he has never lost ground during a border conflict and is one of the most successful admiral in the whole Empire. Yet, unlike most in the Empire he views the Mandos as more of a threat then the Republic and is just looking for a excuse to level the small warrior driven so called "empire".

Grand Imperial Fleet

Sith Shadow (Super Star Destroyer) DESTROYED

792 Predator-class fighters-66 squads of 12 DESTROYED

Captain Regan, Krayt Fleet Commander

Krayt Fleet

3 Pellaeon-class Star Destroyers

108 Predator-class fighters-9 squads of 12, 3 squads to each Destroyer.

37 Nune-class Imperial shuttles (Red strip on right arm of armor) transporting. . .

9,000 - Imperial Commandos (All black)

=Commander Argiin=

Saber Lequ Nika

Saber Sighem Terca (left) and Seha Maco(right)

Glorious Sidious {Galaxy Gun}

15 Imperial II-class Star Destroyers
TIE starfighters (72.0)
Lambda-class shuttles (8.0)
Delta-class stormtrooper transports (15.0)
Assault gunboats (5.0)
A variable number of GAT-12 Skipray Blastboats
Gamma-class assault shuttle (1.0+)
Admiral Kayet
Admiral Kayet

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