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Name: Drake Firestar
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Force Sensitive: Yes

Drake Firestar Zackside

Never Surrender
Drake Firestar ZacksLastStand-1-1

Drake is a mercenary who has lived on the planet of Tatooine for many years now and so far shows no interest in leaving. Tatooine was the planet he was born on and ever since he was old enough he had learned how to be a mercenary from his father. Even though he proudly calls himself a mercenary Drake is still very kind at heart and is normally willing to help out when ever he can. He even has a tendency to be the one to cause trouble around the planet as he starts up fights with smugglers and the usual everyday visitors to the planet who just don't want to be found.

Drake Firestar J6helm-1
This is Drake's helmet that he normally wears wherever he goes. It is equipped with a full HUD that allows him to do many things. Some of the most commonly used features of his helmet include a motion tracker, 360 degree view, advanced targeting systems and a built in comlink. There are other things his HUD can do like connecting with the holonet to do many things that most people need a terminal for like managing his bank account. It also has some scanners that can detect if people are carrying weapons or not and scan the inside of nearby rooms.

Drake Firestar K3HeavyBlasterPistol
Drake carries around duel DT-57 heavy blaster pistols that come equipped with a stun mode.

Drake Firestar A280BlasterRifle
Nothing really special here just your typical A280 Blaster Rifle only thing is he doesn't carry this with him all the time.

Gauntlets: Drake has a pair of gauntlets with a few special features to help him in his mercenary work.
Right Gauntlet
-Whipcord Grappling Hook
-Dur-24 Wrist Laser
-Wrist Blade

Left Gauntlet
-Tactical Datapad
-Wrist Blade

Bandolier: Drake wears a bandolier across his chest to help him carry more things like grenades, ammo packs, small tools and other things.

Drake Firestar PathfinderTacticalKnife
A simple phrik knife

Drake Firestar HeavyBroadsword-1
Drake normally can be seen carrying around a phrik broad sword made for those special occasions that he gets to fight a force user.

Drake Firestar RedDragonArmor4
For those times when Drake really feels like kicking some ass or when he just really needs it he has a set of power armor. His power armor was custom made with a lot of his credits had gone into making it. Its HUD is basically the same as his usual helmet so nothing different there. What is really cool about the armor is that the back is equipped with a built in jetpack. Other than that its not all that fancy other than it can be air tight allowing for temporary use in space. The gauntlets are also basically the same as what he normally uses except that the datapad is linked to his ship allowing him to control it from a distance. Basically what the suit offers him his enhanced strength and speed and protection from many other things like the environment and allows him to take a much bigger beating. The last special feature is that it is equipped with a personal shield except that it isn't active all the time so it manually has to activate it when he feels he needs it.

Dragons Bane
Drake Firestar 3DImageYT-1930-1
-2 Quad Laser Cannons
-2 Modified MS-1 Heavy Laser Cannons Space Grade
-2 Torpedo Launchers (6 Torpedoes each)
-4 Tracking Torpedo Launchers (2 on each cargo area they carry 5 torpedoes each)
-1 AX-108 Ground Buzzer Blaster Cannon
-Advanced Engines
-Military Grade Shield Generator
-Nordoxicon-38 Anti-Concussion Field Generator
-Military Grade Sensor Systems
-Static Discharge Port
-Sensor mask
-Sensor Jammer

Drake Firestar Flare-SSwoop
For getting around the desert Drake has a Flare-S swoop that is equipped with duel blasters just to add a little bit of fire power to it.

Drake Firestar Ghost5-1 Drake Firestar GhostInTheShellDesktop-1
Raven is an A.I. inside of a human replica droid body that works with Drake in his mercenary work. She normally stays back at Drake's hideout but will occasionally go out on missions. Raven is more of an expert in stealth than Drake is but she is fully capable in fighting. Along with her stealth skills she also is good at Slicing and hacking computers making her a valuable partner in Drake's work.
-Stealth Suit with built in stealth field generator, sound dampener and stealth field enhancer
-411 Holdout Blaster
-DC-19 Stealth Carbine
-Xcalq-3GA Portable Computer and a datapad for hacking and slicing.

Drake Firestar DUM-PitDroid-1
Not much to say here its just a DUM pit droid and he named just that. It helps him with his work but is known for helping him make the upgrades to his second ship the Dragons Bane.

Drake Firestar CloudShinraUniform-2
Allen is just your usual Tatooine resident except he likes to take part in most things even the occasional brawl in a cantina. He spends most of his time out in the Dune Sea keeping the Tusken Raiders away from the settlements. His job isn't easy but he is one of the best at it he also is a good friend of Drake's and has many times helped him out in his mercenary work.
-A295 Blaster Rifle
-DC-15s Side Arm Blaster
-Combat Knife
-Force Pike

Tatooine Security/Defense Force
Drake Firestar ShinraSoldier
-Variety of Weapons but most have a Rifle and Pistol
-Grenade Launchers Equipped with Stun Grenades and Smoke Grenades sometimes other grenades
-Melee Weapons for use against Tusken Raiders
-Stun Baton
-Force Pike

Jawa Contacts
Drake Firestar GroupofJawas-1
This group of Jawas Drake had been doing business with for years and are the people he normally goes to when he wants some form of technology. back when they had first met he they had made a deal with him that should they ever be in trouble he would deal with it and in return they sell him all their best finds.

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Dark Ghost & IG-666
Just for fun Invisible Man
Drake Firestar DarkGhostArmor-2-2 Drake Firestar MagnaGuard_bts-1

Drake Firestar CloudStrife-2Drake Firestar RevanMask0
(This is Ghost's secret disguise where he calls himself Zack and his hair is black)
Dark Ghost for a long time has been a rival of Drake's as a fellow mercenary. As a mercenary Ghost is a rather deadly one which was how he earned his name in the first place. He has the fighting skill of Drake and the stealth skills of Raven making him almost a one man army. To add tot his he is a known force user but he uses his force powers to enhance his stealth abilities basically making nothing but a Ghost. Also just like many good mercenaries or bounty hunters Ghost is not without his partner in the business. IG-666 also known by the nickname Death is an old MagnaGuard who has over time gone through some major upgrades as technology advances. Much like Ghost he is a deadly opponent capable of killing Jedi and sith alike. Though he does have his specialties him being the weapons expert and the overall communications guy as Ghost goes out and gets the jobs done.

Two Lightsabers with black blades that can connect into a double bladed lightsaber
Drake Firestar BlackLightsaber

Black Bladed Sith Sword
Drake Firestar GalaxyBlackNinjaSword-1

Black Throwing Knives
Drake Firestar ThrowingKnives-1
-Wrist Baldes
-Fibercord Wrist Grappling Hook
-Dart Launcher with Saber Darts
Secondary Weapons (Weapons he Sometimes Uses)
-2 Model 434 Heavy Blaster Pistols
-DC-19 Stealth Carbine
-Sith Sniper Rifle
-Variety of Grenades
Other Equipment
-Mask with built in stealth field enhancer
-Stealth field generator with sound dampener
Force Powers
-Force Stealth
-Force Choke
-Force Lightning
-Force Crush
-Force Barrier
-Battle Precognition
-Force Cloak

IG-666 Weapons
-Double-bladed Vibrostave
-E-11 Sniper Rifle
-DT-57 Heavy Blaster Pistol
-SE-14c Blaster Pistol
-Variety of Grenades

Drake Firestar FuryClassSithInterceptor-2
This ship once belonged to Drake Firestar and at the time it was known as Dragon Claw. Ghost had ended up stealing the ship from Drake and later had named it the Wraith
2 Modified MS-1 Heavy Laser Cannon Space Grade(1 on each wing)
16 Torpedo launchers (4 under each flap)
- 4 MG7-A Proton Torpedoes (Top torpedo launchers)
- 3 T-33 Plasma Torpedoes (Bottom torpedo launchers)
1 Minelayer (Back of Ship)
- 9 Void-7 Seismic Charges
Military Grade Shield Generator
Military Grade Sensors
Static Discharge Port
Sensor Mask
Sensor Jammer
Cloaking Device

Helix-Class Light Interceptor
This is a temporary ship Ghost had taken from the Empire to aid him in one of his missions to Hapes. The name may say its a light interceptor but really the ship is an armed freighter that can be easily used as an Interceptor.
-2 Heavy Blaster Cannons
-2 Ion Cannons
-2 Torpedo Launchers (6 Torpedoes each)
-Military Grade Shields
-Cloaking Device

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Blood Dragons
To Glory
Drake Firestar Dragonlogo2
The Blood Dragons is a group of pirates who travel across the galaxy doing what pirates do best. For years now they have been a well known group though some say they have expanded enough to be called an organization. They have done things from commander ships, smuggle goods to and from GA/Imperial space, assassinations and raid towns or businesses. Most see them as just your usual lawless band of thieves but the Blood Dragons have a strict set of rules that all Blood Dragons must follow.

The Blood Dragons leader current leader is Jax Steel and under his leadership the Blood Dragons have become very successful. Jax was just one of the three people who had created the Blood Dragons and is the only one who is still with the group. Another old member of the group was Drake Firestar but he had left them a long time ago and has settled on Tatooine.

Blood Dragon Armor
Drake Firestar Blood_Dragon_Armor-1-1
In all their years of work the Blood Dragons had gained enough credits to legitimately build their own army. One of the first things they had done was build their customized set of armor with all the features they would need in their work. The armor's HUD is nearly as advanced as a military HUD would be though they had some special features set into it. They all are connected to a privatized com channel one that is highly guarded so that no one can listen in on their conversations. It has an advanced targeting system to aid them in their attacks against whoever they so wish to attack. It comes with is own life support system for temporary use in space giving them about an hours worth of air to breath. Probably the most notable customization that only some armors have is a small minicomputer installed on the gauntlet for hacking and slicing computer systems.

There is no certain set of weapons that the Blood Dragons use because they basically use what ever weapon they can get their hands on. They usually make many customizations to any weapon they have making them mostly personal weapons. Due to this each weapon even if it was originally the same kind would be a unique weapon and no two would usually be the same.

Drake Firestar Hammerhead-ClassCruiser-1
Bahamut is the original Blood Dragon ship the one they group had started on. There is much history on this ship as some of the Blood Dragons most elite and skilled members live on it. It is also the ship owned by their leader Jax Steel. It was originally a Hammerhead-Class Cruiser but had gone through many customizations.

-12 M3-A Scyk Fighters

Drake Firestar M3-AScykFighter-1
-8 Katarn-Class Boarding Shuttles
-4 A519 Invader Close Support Starfighter
-2 Helix-Class Light Interceptors

FireClaw 1
Drake Firestar MarauderClassCorvette
-12 Modified Cloakshape Starfighters
Drake Firestar CloakshapeStarfighter-1
-2 Katarn-class Boarding Shuttle
-2 Helix-Class Light Interceptor

FireClaw 2
Drake Firestar MarauderClassCorvette
-12 Modified Scurrg H-6 Bombers
Drake Firestar ScurrgH-6Bomber-1
-2 Katarn-class Boarding Shuttle
-2 Helix-Class Light Interceptor

Dragon Fang
Drake Firestar Ardent-ClassFastFrigate
-12 Rouge-Class Starfighters
Drake Firestar Rouge-ClassStarfighter
-4 NR2 Gully Jumpers
Drake Firestar NR2GullyJumper

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The Winter Guard

The Winter Guard was the elite group of sith that protects the academy on Korriban few have ever survived when dealing with them and their brutish tactics. They are personally led by the Darth Andor lord of the sith and the answer to no one else not even the Empress of the Empire could control this force of warriors.

Jen Derriphan (Dark Devourer)
Drake Firestar WitchkingwithSword

Taral (Protector)
Drake Firestar RevansMandalorianArmor-2

Drake Firestar Stenax-1Drake Firestar DemonArmor-1Drake Firestar MaskofShadows2-1

Drake Firestar N-2

Jen (Shadow)
Drake Firestar FemaleRevan-1

Drake Firestar Noctis-1

Drake Firestar Xemnas-2
Drake Firestar
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Grey Jedi

Drake Firestar AnimeGuyPostable
Ace was at one point in time had been a Jedi Apprentice but had left the order a long time ago to follow his own path. Years after he had left the Jedi order he had discovered a group of force users who called themselves the Grey Jedi and he found that their beliefs were slightly different than that of the Jedi. He found that their way of life fitted more to how he wanted to live and so he had eventually found his pace amongst the Grey Jedi.

He had risen quickly through the ranks soon earning himself the title of Knight and become one of the orders most accomplished swordsmen. He had even found love there with a fellow Grey Jedi named Kelley and unlike the Jedi he was allowed to love. They spent many years together with the Grey Jedi teaching young ones the ways of force and helping out with the near by settlements when disputes broke out. Sadly one day this all ended when another Grey Jedi took up arms against them all and ultimately falling to the Darkside.

This individual was a powerful force user and so easily eliminated those few Grey Jedi that would pose a great threat to him. He did this all in secret and it mostly looked as if they had fallen in missions but eventually the elders began to clue into his plot to overthrow the Grey Jedi. Sadly it was all to late as he had hired a mercenary who had a history of dealing with force users and so they made a deadly team quickly killing all who got in their way. Thus came the end of the Grey Jedi as he thought all had been killed he left the temple as it burned to the ground.

What he hadn't foreseen was a few Greys had survived but they were stranded and so they had to keep on finding new ways offworld. Though it hadn't taken the Fallen Grey to realize his mistake and so he set about to hunt them down and this had been going on for years. Slowly one by one the surviving Greys were falling to the deadly hunters and soon they found themselves making a decision that had wanted to avoid. They all decided that they must seek the help of the Jedi council and tell them what had befallen the Grey Jedi.

Drake Firestar AnimeJedi-1

Drake Firestar JediKnight-1

Drake Firestar JediGirl-1
Drake Firestar
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